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Dear Valued Client

We are proud to announce the launch of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) at our Chemistry Laboratory on 01 September 2014. As indicated by the name, this means all laboratory information (including customer information, sample information, records of instruments, analysts performing tests, methods used for a specific test, as well as approval of the sample’s test results) will be captured and managed electronically, improving traceability and efficiency.


Careful attention has been paid during the design and development of the LIMS parameters to ensure compliance with regulations and requirements of our accreditation body, SANAS, and ISO IEC 17025.


No changes to the way tests are being done or methods being used.


Aside from the new look (minor cosmetic changes), the information detailed in the Chemistry COA remains in essence unchanged, except for the following:

  • Results are now reported per sample, i.e. a separate report (with unique COA number) is issued for each sample.
  • Multiple samples on 1 sample submission form will still be logged/grouped in one project, and this Project Number will reflect on each of the individual COA’s, giving you traceability of projects/groups of samples
  • For enquiries: When querying a result of a specific sample, we encourage you to quote the unique COA number (shorter numerical number) for easiest reference.
  • Only one signature will appear on the COA in future. The automated LIMS process requires 2 mandatory levels of approval (firstly by the analysts on the tests, and secondly by the SANAS approved authorised signatory). For simplicity only the final signature will be displayed on the COA.
  • To fully utilize the benefits of LIMS, we request and encourage customers to submit test requests to the laboratory electronically.
  • Customers who are not specifically required to use their own sample request forms, are requested to use Swift Silliker’s sample submission form (available from Chemistry Customer Service or on our web-site and to submit it to the laboratory via e-mail (prior to the arrival of samples where possible). Electronic requests can be forwarded to This will fast-track the sample registration process, meaning that analyses will start within a shorter period from the time of sample receipt. It also means that your results will be released quicker!
  • It is of extreme importance that the sample descriptions and details given by you are correct, to ensure correct reflection thereof on the Laboratory Report (COA).

To ensure that YOU benefit fully from the improved efficiencies and advantages associated with the implementation of our LIMS, we encourage you to CONTACT US should you need any further information or assistance with sample request forms or test reports, or if you experience ANY problems during the roll-out period.


Please contact the Technical Specialists in our Chemistry Customer Service Department:
Telephone: 011 805 4310
Chemistry SARF (Sample Analysis Request Form)

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