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Employee training is the best defense against food poisoning and customer complaints. Our training DVDs will help your employees understand the important role they play in safe food production. Professionally made, with real examples and visual impact, Swift Silliker training videos are designed to maintain the interest of employees and support the retention of messages for a long time.

Smart Sanitation: Principles & Practices for Effectively Cleaning Your Plant is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs.

This Smart Sanitation DVD is a practical training tool for new sanitation employees or as a refresher for veterans.

After viewing Smart Sanitation your employees will:

  • • Understand the "food safety" impact of their day-to-day cleaning and sanitation activities
  • • Recognise the importance of their role in your company’s food safety programs

In the long run, educated sanitation employees mean less product on hold, fewer headaches and reduced costs for you.

Approximate running time: 20 minutes

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GMP Basics: Employee Hygiene Practices is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs covering Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

This DVD illustrates GMPs as they relate to employee hygiene with an emphasis on handwashing. Through real-life examples and an attention grabbing dramatisation of how microorganisms travel through hand-to-surface contact, employees will gain an understanding of how their activities impact product safety. A 'test' section is also included at the end of the program to help you assess your employees’ awareness of GMPs in everyday situations. Used alone or in conjunction with the corresponding workbooks, it is a cost-effective and consistent way to train and re-train food plant employees.

Topics covered include:

  • • Work attire, including jewellery, frocks, hair-restraints, gloves and boots
  • • Storage of food items and appropriate use of locker rooms
  • • Proper hygiene,including handwashing technique and frequency
  • • Traffic patterns and preventing cross-contamination

Approximate running time: 20 minutes

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Inside HACCP: Principles, Practices & Results is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs.

By the breadth of its name, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training can spark undue anxiety in even the most seasoned food plant employee. Sillikers "Inside HACCP: Principles, Practices & Results" can help remove employee trepidation and get the positive results you want from your HACCP training.

As the DVD opens, employees receive a general HACCP introduction and meet the DVD’s protagonist who is starting a weight control program. Through a series of analogies, "Inside HACCP" draws incisive parallels between weight management fundamentals and the seven HACCP principles (e.g. monitoring of caloric intake and monitoring of critical control points) to foster employee learning and retention.

Brick by brick, the DVD reinforces the benefits of HACCP and drives home the important role plant workers play in building and maintaining a sound HACCP system.

Approximate running time: 15 minutes

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Controlling Food Allergens in the Plant is a comprehensive employee training program from Swift Silliker and the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP).

This program will help you visually communicate and educate your employees about allergenspecific Good Manufacturing Practices – from the receipt of raw materials, to formulation and processing, and cleaning and sanitation.

Approximate running time: 16 minutes

About FARRP:
Headquartered at the University of Nebraska. FARRP is the preeminent food allergen testing, consulting and research organization in the United States. Among other services, FARRP provides technical consultation and educational conferences on food allergens for the food industry.

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GMP Basics: Avoiding Microbial Cross-Contamination is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs covering Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Even the most comprehensive quality systems and HACCP plans can be put at risk by simple everyday actions that cause microbial cross-contamination. Your employees need specific knowledge and practical training to avoid microbial cross-contamination in your plant. This DVD takes a closer look at how harmful microorganisms, such as Listeria, can be transferred to finished products. Employees see numerous examples of how microbial cross-contamination can occur from improper traffic patterns, poor personal hygiene, soiled clothing, unsanitised tools and equipment. Through these vivid illustrations, your employees are reminded of the importance of following GMPs and learn how to protect the safety of finished products.

Topics covered include:

  • • The origin of microorganisms
  • • The threat cross-contamination poses to food safety and quality
  • • How microorganisms enter the food plant
  • • How employees behaviours can cause cross-contamination
  • • How equipment contributes to cross-contamination
  • • Actions to prevent cross-contamination from occurring

Approximate running time: 15 minutes

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Controlling Salmonella: Strategies That Work is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs.

For years, Salmonella was thought to be a pathogen of concern solely in wet processing environments. This perception was irrevocably changed in 1998 when this potentially deadly organism was identified in a dry cereal product, precipitating one of the largest recalls in U.S. History.

"Controlling Salmonella: Strategies That Work" provides dry processing employees with an energetic overview on practical guidelines to prevent the growth of Salmonella in facilities and safeguard the integrity of finished products.

Using in-plant footage, the video covers:

  • • How Salmonella can enter processing environments
  • • Microbiological conditions contributing to Salmonella growth
  • • The importance of eliminating uncontrolled water from dry plants
  • • Sources of moisture in plants
  • • Dry cleaning methods
  • • Roles of employees in controlling Salmonella

Approximate running time: 13 minutes

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GMP Basics: Guidelines for Maintenance Personnel is part of Swift Silliker’s series of training DVDs covering Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The DVD was developed specifically for maintenance personnel working in a food processing environment, it is a simple and effective way to introduce and reinforce GMPs. The video’s memorable depiction of a plant-wide training initiative following a product recall announcement will leave your maintenance staff with a sound understanding of how GMPs relate to their daily activities. Through real-life dramatizations of commonly violated GMPs, maintenance personnel learn that, although they never actually handle the product, they need to follow the same guidelines as other plant employees.

Key principles demonstrated include:

  • • Personal hygiene, including clean outer garments, hair restraints and proper hand washing technique
  • • General personnel practices and traffic patterns - preventing cross-contamination
  • • Tool sanitation and clean-up

Approximate running time: 20 minutes

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