Food Labelling Consulting Service


Local and international labelling regulations are becoming stricter and are changing frequently. It has become challenging to ensure that labels are consistently in compliance with all the requirements. In South Africa food product labels must comply with the R146 as of 1 March 2010 – Regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs (last amended in January 2012). Certain food products also have to comply with labelling requirements specified in regulations other than the labelling regulations, making it even more challenging to comply. We are proud to announce our Food Labelling Consulting Service that will assist with labelling queries for local as well as international requirements. The following services will be offered:


This service is not currently accredited.

Legal Label Assessment

  • Composition
  • Ingredients (including additives and allergens)
  • Labelling text and organisation

Mérieux NutriSciences will prepare a formal report with comments relating to the above labelling aspects.

Labelling Reviews (according to the current legislation)

The following aspects will be included in the label review:

  • Texts
  • Images/photographs/graphic representations
  • Field of vision
  • Quantitative indication of ingredients (QUID)
  • Indication of allergen ingredients on the label and how they must be declared;
  • Revision of claims on the label
  • Identification of areas of non-compliance
  • Suggestion or instruction on which changes and amendments must be implemented to ensure each label meets mandatory labelling guidelines
  • Inclusion of legal references

The client will receive a full report with clear indications of areas of non-compliance, and recommendations on necessary changes on how to ensure labels are compliant.

Labelling Drafts

This service includes the compilation of text that should be included on the label e.g.:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Address of manufacturer
  • Date marking
  • List of ingredients
  • Allergen declaration
  • Typical nutritional information etc.

Information will be supplied in a Microsoft Word document.

Nutritional Information Compilation

We will assist with the following:

  • Determining the nutritional values that must be indicated on the label (by calculation or analysis)
  • Calculations of per serving values and % NRV’s if required
  • Display of nutrition information on the labelling in the specific format required

Information will be supplied in a Microsoft Word document.

Foreign Label Adaptation

  • Imported products generally do not comply with South Africa’s unique labelling requirements and Mérieux NutriSciences's experts in South African labelling regulations can assist with ensuring your imported product labels are acceptable for the local market
  • Comments will be inserted on a pdf version of the foreign label that needs to be adapted for compliance to local requirements.
    (See Labelling reviews according to the current legislation.)

South African Label Adaptation

Our network of international Silliker consultants will be able to assist with adjusting your label to ensure compliance with the regulations of the country in which the product will be marketed. This will include legal compliance as well as translations (if required). Silliker has specialised food labelling consultants (in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South America) to ensure you have expert and unique advice on the specific country of export.

Technical Assistance

Our experienced consultants can assist with technical questions, report interpretation and even be essential in development and maintenance of product specifications, using local and international resources.

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